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Microfiber Cloths (4 pack)

$16.00 $26.00

Made in Sweden

4 pack of ultra microfiber cloths

Quick and easy, leaves the surface shiny and clean.

Window Cloth: Use on windows and mirrors, leaves the surface sparkling and streak free. Cleans and polishes at the same time.

Kitchen Cloth: Use on stove tops, tables, kitchen cabinets and more. Removes fat, grease and dried on spots. Easy to wring out.

All Purpose Cloth: Use on tables, shelves, furniture and more. Works both as a dust and a polishing cloth. Perfect all-around cloth.

Bathroom Cloth: Use on shower doors, sinks, taps, tiles and more. The microfiber ribbed structure removes dried-in toothpaste and soap scum. Leaves the surface shiny and clean.

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