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Established in 2002, Beechworth based Frances Pilley is a multi faceted business providing “Exceptional products chosen for their quality, beauty, uniqueness and luxury”.

Frances Pilley takes pride in its reputation for selling and distributing products with longevity and long standing history and traditions, in many cases handmade, and with a preference for using raw and natural quality ingredients. The results are unique, supreme quality products for our customers.

In some cases our products are not well known or established in the Australian market, they are however embedded in the lifestyle and culture of the European people. These products have been able to survive for centuries, in many cases in their original form, because of their quality and use of natural products.

Brands include, Tadé, Savonnerie du Pilon du Roy, La Corvette, Cereria Mollá, and Mistral among others.

There are three Frances Pilley retail outlets throughout Victoria and the ACT, an online store and a wholesale distribution business, employing 8 amazing, friendly, helpful and happy staff.

Aleppo Syrian Soap

We are proud of all the products we sell at Frances Pilley, but one product in particular is very close to our hearts, and that is the Syrian Soap.

Before the war in Syria commenced in March 2011 Tadé imported numerous beautiful artisan products from Syria such as Antique Tin Plated Copper, Handmade glass, Recycled Rubber Tyre pots, Hammam Body products, Zinc ware etc. The making of these products in Syria contributed to the maintenance of their age old traditions and well being. As the war went on the making of these products ceased as either their makers fled their country to try and find safety, or suffered a far worse fate. The Syrian Soap is now the only product that is able to be sourced from Syria by Tadé.

Despite the war, and the extremely difficult geopolitical context, Tadé continues to honour their commitments to the small farmers, artisans, workers, master soap makers and now friends, who have remained in their country, and whose lives had been torn apart by the tragedy that has unfolded in their country. Against the backdrop of war and the discontinuation of soap production in 2012, the Syrian people held hope, and in 2014 soap production began again. Not only did Tadé not abandon them during this terrible conflict, they are committed alongside the “Baroudeurs de l’Espoir”, providing medical assistance to Aleppans and educational assistance to children deprived of school.

Because Tadé and the Syrian people stood firm in the eye of the storm, we have been able to continue to import their soap, and in that small way support them through the trauma that is there every day.

And to those of you that have bought and continue to buy the Syrian Soap we thank you....because, every purchase you make helps many Syrians to continue to subsist with hope and dignity during the terrible conflict they are enduring every day.

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