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Aleppo Home Co. Black Household soap (250 ml)


Made in France

Authentic Aleppo Home Co. black soap produced from olive pomace oil saponified in batches with potash and enriched during the heating process with laurel oil.

Product highlights :

  • 100% natural, beautifully ecological, free from chemical products, solvents and preservatives
  • Entirely biodegradable, safe for the environment and for your health
  • Concentrated formula, economical choice
  • Cleans thoroughly, effective in keeping your plants free from disease
  • One product serves a multitude of uses

Aleppo Home Co. highlights :

  • Hypoallergenic, perfectly tolerated by even delicate and sensitive skins
  • Simple, clean scent
  • No palm oil, just olive and laurel


  • Nourishes and polishes: tiled, parquet and vinyl flooring, terracotta and cement tiles, carpets, marble
  • Cleans: plates and dishes, kitchen surfaces and cooking hobs, bathroom surfaces, plastics…
  • Removes stains from: laundry, delicate clothing,paintbrushes…
  • Removes mould.
  • Washes animal coats : dogs, cats, horses....recomended by vertrinarians.

Volume - 250ml

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