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Ash based soap – 20% Laurel oil


Made in Aleppo, Syria

18th century soap manufacture saw wood ash replaced by the more cost effective mineral soda. Obtained from plants growing on the salt plains of Syria, wood ash guarantees an exceptionally mild soap. Tade uses the original 4 ingredients of water, wood ash, olive and laurel oil to bring you the authentic Ash based soap.

Made only from :

  • Olive Oil
  • Bay Tree (Laurel) Oil
  • Wood ash
  • Water 

All Tadé / Aleppo Soap Company products are 100% ecological and guaranteed to be without any emulsifier, tensio active, Laureth Sulphate, Paraben, PEG, EDTA, preservative, added perfume, acid or synthetic deriviative.

All Tadé / Aleppo Soap Company products are tested under dermatological control. 

Weight - 140g

Hope and Dignity

After an interruption in 2012, production began again in 2014. This seasonal, rural, almost agicultural activity has survived throughout this terrible conflict helping many Syrians to continue to subsist with hope and dignity, thanks to their work. These products are made in accordance with the principle of fair-trade where value is given to the contribution and dignity of all partners.

Tadé / Aleppo Soap Company is committed alongside the “Baroudeurs de l’Espoir’, providing emergency medical assistance to Aleppans and educational assistance to children deprived of school.

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