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Certified Organic Liquid Black Aleppo soap (500 ml)


Made in France

Tadé's organic lipid-rich liquid black soap, for the care, beauty and well being of your skin.  This soap owes its reputation to olive and laurel oils, saponified in cauldrons, according to the time honoured Aleppan method.  Beautifully rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, olive and laurel oils gives this black soap its remarkable skincare qualities and its unique capacity for deeply cleansing.  Creamy in texture, purely plant based, it respects the natural protective layer of your skin.  In the Levant, even the most delicate skins have been entrusted to this soap for three millennia.

Totally biodegradable.

Ideal for beside the sink in kitchen and bathroom. 

Certified Organic Liquid Black Aleppo soap is 100% ecological and guaranteed to be without any emulsifier, tensio active, Laureth Sulphate, Paraben, PEG, EDTA, preservative, added perfume, acid or synthetic deriviative.

All Tadé / Aleppo Soap Company products are tested under dermatological control.

Volume - 500ml

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